Dispute and Complaint Assistance

1.If you have a good faith belief that a listing on BOSSSO.COM infringes your copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights, please contact our Customer services team: ad@bossso.com

2. Upon receipt of your contact, we will promptly evaluate your complaint, and in cases where it is appropriate, we will expeditiously take down the listing referred to in the communication.

3. We will notify the advertiser in writing of the removal of the claimed infringing listing and provide the advertiser with your contact information so that the advertiser can contact you directly and with an opportunity to respond.

4. If the advertiser objects to the removal of the alleged infringing listing, the vendor may submit to us an appropriate counter-notice to dispute the claim. Upon receipt of such counter-notice, we may resume the vendors listing unless we receive notice from you that an action has been filed against the vendor in a court of competent jurisdiction for infringement of your intellectual property rights.

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