How to sell

1.Post selling lead

A Selling lead is a trade lead posted by a supplier. It should contain product information, availability, timelines and more. Display the names, keywords, categories, images, specifications and descriptions of your products, and you will increase your exposure to buyers.

2.Edit selling lead

You can:
a. see the auditing state of the posted products;
b. modify, copy, resend and delete the information of posted products;
c. have the posted products online and offline.

3.shopwindow setting

Start by simply telling us what you are selling. To attract buyers, it is better for you to show clear photos here. You can upload 30 products at the most.

4.New Group

Capitalize every first letter in the Group Name,and select from selling leads the same category product

5.Edit Group

You can modify and add the information of the built groups. Such as the group name, the description of the group, information of selling leads in the group, and to reselect or remove selling leads from the group.

6.Resort Group

Click up and down button to regulate the order of the group, so to determine the display order of the groups in the shop.

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